Senior Software Engineer

Technical Lead





Location: Allentown, PA

Experience: 40+ years

My current status is: Available to discuss 100% remote offsite projects only.
Web Applications Embedded Programs Desktop Applications (Linux/Windows) Mobile Applications (Android) Open Source Deployment/Modifications System Design and Implementation API Design Device Drivers

My software development experience spans 40+ years using a wide variety of languages, databases and platforms, most recently utilizing web frameworks in a full-stack role and also embedded devices. That means I started writing programs before the introduction of the IBM PC in 1981 – yes, punchcards and VT100 terminals were involved in those early efforts. I have worked, more or less, continuously in software development since that time and have always kept up with the latest technology. The one thing that has been constant during that time is that technology changes continuously. I often work solo but am able to put together an ad hoc development team utilizing US & offshore workers.

Design/Deployment Docker Monitoring Backup Replication Security
Laravel Joomla WordPress ERPNext Odoo (OpenERP) Windows SDK
C C++ PHP Python Java (Android) Javascript Assembler
PostgreSQL MySQL/MariaDB SQL Server SQLite
Embedded & Mobile Devices
Android Raspberry Pi Arduino PIC SoC